Services and Pricing

Below you will find my services and specials. Our bodies are so complex and often times there is more than one thing going on, therefore I tend to combine services in order to provide a more complete massage.  In the future I will be adding more services in order to provide more options and treat more conditions. My clients are important to me and I appreciate every one of them. Below I have listed some specials to show my appreciation for their business and the referrals. Be sure to keep checking in to my website so you can stay up to date with the specials, as I will change them up from time to time.



  • Deep Tissue  – used to get into the deeper layers of the muscle by using firm pressure and long slow strokes. It helps to smooth out  and stretch the muscles. Pressure can be altered for your comfort.


  •  Reiki  – is an energy based modality where the therapists hands can either be placed on the client or hovering over them. Reiki  is used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.



  •  Intra-Oral Massage – used to relieve tightness in the jaw caused by clenching, grinding and TMJ disorder. By using a gloved hand the therapist will go in the mouth to the back of the jaw with their index finger and gently work the muscles of the jaw. It is quick and very effective.


  •  Myofacial Release – does not use any oils, lotions or creams.  Therapist use their bare hands on the skin with consistent pressure to manipulate the tissue into releasing tension and tightness.


60 min:

  • 1st visit                    $50                  
  • 2nd visit                  $55
  • regular price         $65

90 min:

  • 1st visit                    $80
  • 2nd visit                  $85
  • regular price          $95

Prepaid Specials:

60 min:

  • 2 pack $120      ($60/ea)
  • 4 pack $220     ($55/ea)
  • 6 pack $300     ($50/ea)

90 min:

  • 2 pack $180      ($90/ea)
  • 4 pack $340      ($85/ea)
  • 6 pack $480      ($80/ea)

Any promotions or specials are not to be combined with others

Gift certificates are available at any time at the regular price rate. Holidays and special occasions are always a good time to buy a gift certificate for someone special in your life.



Hours of operation are by appointment only.

Mon – Fri – 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wed –          8:00 am t0 4:30 pm

Sat –             9:00 am to 2:00 pm

No Saturday hours from June 15 to Sept 10