Q1. Do you take insurance.

A: No. I do take health spending, flex, and wellness cards (except Independent Health). I do have a few clients who’s insurance company will reimburse them for the massages they pay for. It’s worth checking with yours to see if they will.

Q2. What form of payment do you prefer?

A: Cash is always best. Check, Venmo, Zelle would be my next preferred. Debit and Credit would be least preferred due to the processing fees attached.

Q3. Do you do couples massages?

A: No. Currently, it is only me and I am renting a room inside a physical therapist office which is not big enough for two tables.

Q4. Why Orthopedic Massage?

A: Pain of any kind can be very debilitating. With Orthopedic massage, the work is focused on specific areas which makes it different from your typical relaxation massage. Orthopedic massage is very helpful at relieving pain from all kinds of situations.  There are also many different techniques that can be used to soothe angry muscles so if there is something you do not like, no worries, there is always something else to try. Plus the many health benefits are worth giving it a try.

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